what are the merits and demerits of chemistry in environment?

hope of chemistry in human life and demirts of chemistry.

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In our everyday life we are using several chemicals directly or indirectly which are quite helpful for use. The chemical substances involve in various changes and form useful compounds. Some common chemical compounds which can observe in our everyday life are detergents, soap, cleaning liquids, baking powder etc. At the same time there are several disadvantages of these chemicals. Chemistry is a branch of science which involves many advantages in our daily lives. There are many chemicals processes which occur in our bodies and provide energy to living bodies for different metabolic activities such as glycolysis, crab cycle, respiration, photosynthesis in plants etc.
  The role of chemistry in our lives cannot ignore on any cost as it involves everywhere in our surroundings. It helps us understand the working of different things and provides a new ways of making our life better. It is involved in the making of most of the things we use every day. Let’s discuss few advantages of chemistry in our daily life. We can manufacture new materials which make our lives easier such as polythene is a polymer of ethene. It is used to wear and for the formation of different machine parts, or tools. Chemistry is also involved in the synthesis of new medications which are used for the treatment of different diseases. Similarly it involves the creation of new ceramics which absorb heat in a way and allows them to withstand even at high temperatures. 
  Chemistry provides update about the components of our food, bodies, and our surroundings. It can also give information about adulteration in food stuff and helps us to be healthy. With these all advantages, there are several disadvantages of chemistry. No doubt, the aim of scientists is always to improve the quality of human life and other living bodies. But sometimes these new inventions can be harmful for the living bodies and their environment such as any introduction or removal of chemical substance in our environment can change the composition of it and effect the social, living organisms, or earth-wide. Many chemical substances such as DDT, CFCs etc. are very harmful for our environment but are widely use by today’s generation to make their life comfortable. 

Other disadvantages of it are hormone replacement therapy, and the Bhopal Disaster. The chemical analysis processes easiest, fastest approach is the EDAX capability.  There are several advance technologies which are used for the treatment of serious diseases such as X-ray analysis, chemotherapy etc. The chemical analysis is a fast process which can be done by seeing the phase and morphology of the sample.  But these techniques are considered as semi-quantitative which can be detected the element minimum till Na. These can be detected till the lightest element boron. The precision drops with increasing the atomic weight of the elements. The limits of detection rise with the reduction in the atomic weight. We can increase the precision by comparing the results with standards helps but it requires more time. Such analysis can only done in science labs and quite expensive.
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