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Shuvam Sadhu , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 29/10/12

 what are the merits and demerits of different types of political party system, i.e, one party, bi party and multi party systems?

Bunny , added an answer, on 8/2/14
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Merits=One party system

  1. Less expensive systemStable form of govt.
  2. No delay in decision making
  3. Two party system
  4. Strong opposition
  5. Responsible govt.
  6. Power does not remain in one hand I.e power is distributed among both parties
  7. Multi party system
  8. Democratic in nature
  9. Represents interests of various groups
  10. Thumbs up plzzz
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Anant Dixit , added an answer, on 29/10/12
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advantage of political parties is that they give the voters a versatile choise for them to select  there leader.

its demerit is that in political competition people are being crushed, and the leader srather than to concentrate on meeting the demand of public are readyto blame each other,forgetting the need of people who elected them

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Asad Aftab Alam , added an answer, on 29/1/13

 Follow the given link:



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