What are the peculiar features of nazi thinking?

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1. The peculiar features of Nazi thinking are a belief in racial hierarchy and Lebensraum or living space.
2. Hitler and his followers believed that Nordic German Aryans were at the top, while the jews formed the lowest rung of the racial ladder. They believed that only the strongest race would survive and rule, and for them, this race was that of the Aryans.
3. Regarding living space, the Nazis were of the idea that new lands must be gained for settlement, and for enhancing the material resources and power of Germany.
4. Nazi views were largely a mouthpiece of Hitler’s own ideology.


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Plz answer in detail
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1. That people exist for the state rather than the state for the people

2. There was no equality between people but only racial hierarchy.

3. In this hierarchy German Aryans Where are at the top and the Jew's at the lowest.

4. Fanatical belief in antisemitism dogmas.

5. There hearted for Jews in particular was like a new religion not only in its fierce dogmaticism and ritual but in its fierce introlerance
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