What are the remedial of measure of famine

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 The government should have a workable remedial measure in place and an effective administrative machinery to implement it. The programme should composed not only food supply but also medical support.

Food production should be increased, and a buffer stock of food-grains and necessary items should be built up, so that regional crop failures will not cause disastrous shortages.

Proper agro-climatic planning is beneficial as an effective long-term strategy in combating food crisis.

The application of modern scientific methods such as remote sensing and the Geographical Information System can be beneficial in accurately locating potential crisis spots.

The developing countries should put more emphasis on checking population growth which is one of the main reasons for the food crisis.

The fruits of economic development should target the grass-root levels of the society. Instead a steady economic growth, a wide section, of population in many countries continue to live in near famine- condition for a long time.


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