what are the role of iodine in metamorphosis.??

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Iodine is an essential element of thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone with its essential iodine constituent is responsible for the control of metabolism and also for metamorphosis. The major function of the thyroid gland is to produce thyroid hormone in an amount sufficient to meet the body's needs. To make thyroid hormone, the thyroid uses iodine. If iodine is not available in the diet, the thyroid may produce an insufficient amount of hormone which will adversely effect the process of metamorphosis.

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 iodine helps the body to perform drastic changes in it. which is known as metamorphosis

it can be seen in frogs butterflies etc

iodine makes the body to fall off the organs like gills and tails in tadpoles and form lungs in frogs.

all this happens due to the presence of iodine

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