what are the rules while transforming news headlines?

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Sentence transformation is done either by changing the form of narration (reported or direct speech) or by changing the voice of the given sentence. In such questions, either a dialogue, a public message or a newspaper headline is given as a clue, followed by a sentence or more with blank/s. The clues help in filling up the blanks. Such questions test a student’s understanding and ability to use language correctly. One should remember to retain the original (intended) meaning or context given by the clues.



Before answering such questions, a student should be thorough with certain rules and concepts in grammar. Some of the important ones are indicated below:

1. Rules for narration (direct/ indirect speech)

2. Rules to change time, place, verb forms and pronouns, while transforming narration

3. Rules for changing voices

4. Subject-verb agreement rules

5. Correct use of prepositions and conjunctions

6. Rules for using articles and determiners



To answer questions based on transformation, a student may follow the steps given below:

1. Read the newspaper headline, public message or the dialogue given, ignoring the blank/s.

2. Get working with the individual sentences having blank/s. Analyse each blank in the context of what follows and/or what precedes it, to get clues. Find the tense and voice being used.

3. Consider possible word(s)/phrase that would fill the blank suitably. Think of your answer in consistence with not only the context but also rules for subject-verb concord, pronoun-antecedent consistency, voice, narration, tenses etc.

4. Repeat the steps 2 and 3, till all the blanks have been filled.


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use of past tense req.
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