What are the steps in the process of organising?

The following are the steps involved in a successful process of organising.

(i) Identifying and Dividing the Work: Under organising, the very first step deals with identifying the activities and dividing them according to the defined plans. The actions are divided as per the objectives. A clear division of work is done so as to avoid any duplicity. 

(ii) Creating Departments: Herein, the divided actions are further grouped into units based on the similarity in nature. That is, similar activities are grouped together. Such departmentalisation promotes specialisation. Each department specialises in a particular task. Departments can be formed on the basis of several criteria such as working profiles, regions, product, etc. 

(iii) Assigning Duties: The third step under organising deals with assigning the roles and responsibilities to the personnel. Under each department work is allocated to different members as per their skill and ability. While assigning the duties it must be ensured that the best suited and proficient person is selected for the work.

(iv) Establishing the Relationships: Any organisation needs a proper hierarchic structure to work efficiently. Every person should know whom he's working under and to whom he needs to report. Clear establishment of such relationships help in smooth functioning of an organisation.

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