hunting of wild animals has been banned .

 many bioreserves and wildlife sancturies should be opened .

special attention should be given to the conservation of endangered species of wild animals and birds to prevent their extinction.

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  •  An act for conservation of biodiversity was passed in the year 1972 ( INDIAN WILDLIFE ACT)
  • It consists a list of protected species in the country
  • Ban on hunting was imposed
  • Legal protectionwas provided to the habitats of endangerd species
  • Restriction on trade in wildlife
  • Established National Parks and Wildlife sancturies throughout the country
  • Proects such as Project Tiger, Project Elephant etc. that were specific to a particular species were formulated.
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they re making wildlife centuries where animals are safe and they are cared by the people.there are many centuries in india like sundarban , gir and etc.
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1. The wildlife protection act was implemented in 1972. It this many endangered species were considered as protected this act aim to protect the remaing population of certain species.(2.) Trade of wildlife and pouching was banned. (3.)many projects like project tiger, project rhino, project elephant etc. Were implemented to protect and improve the remaining population of a perticular species. (4.) Many state govt. And central govt. Established narional parks and wildlife santuries.
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The government has taken many steps in order to protect Indian wildlife. They are
1. The Indian Wildlife Act was passed by the government in 1972 for the protection of plants and animal species.
2. The Act banned hunting and poaching of animals and provided legal protection to their habitats.
3. The central and state governments have established many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in order to protect forests and wildlife.
4. Various projects regarding the conservation of endangered species such as tiger and one-horned rhino have been initiated by the government.
5. The government, through the introduction of a joint management programme, has involved local communities in the management of forests.
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