what are the two features of the session and district court ?

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Sessions Court:
1. Sessions court is established by the state government for every sessions division. It is presided by Sessions Court Judge.
2. It is the highest criminal court in a district and court of first instance for trying serious offences i.e. those carrying punishment of imprisonment of more than 7 years, life imprisonment, or death.

District Court:
1.District courts are courts which are established by the State governments which have authority over district or a group of districts.
 They administer justice over a district.  
2. District courts hear cases that come as an appeal from subordinate courts, which falls under its appellate jurisdiction.


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The Sessions Court is the highest criminal court of the district. It deals with cases that concern serious offenses such as murder, robbery and dacoity. It has the power to grant death sentence or life imprisonment, but only after consulting the High Court in such regard.
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District Courts of India:
Such courts conduct Appellate and Original jurisdiction in all matters related to criminal and civil cases. District Courts render justice at the district level. These courts are entitled to exercise all sorts of judicial powers, which extend to granting capital punishment to convicts.
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