What are thermoplasts plastics and thermosetting plastics give two examples of each. 

Plastics are basically of two types :

1) Thermoplastics and

2) Thermosetting plastics

Thermoplastics are the plastics which can be easily deformed on heating and bent easily. Examples include polythene and PVC.

Thermosetting plastics are the plastics that once moulded cannot be softened on heating. Thus, thermosetting plastics cannot be deformed. Examples include bakelite and melamine. 

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THERMOPLASTICS - A plastic which can be softened on heating and moulded repeatedly in the desired shapes is called a thermoplstic. They are long chain polymers with no cross-linking. Heating also does not produce any cross-linking between the chains.

Some examples are: Polythene, PVC, Polystyrene, Nylon, Polyesters.

THERMOSETTING PLASTIC - A plastic substance which once moulded into a shape cannot be softened or melted on reheating is called a thermosetting plastic. They are the polymers in which chains get highly cross-linked on heating.

Some examples are: Bakelite, Melamine

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