What are unlike term and like term in algebraic expression. Plz explain and give some examples

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In Algebra, the like terms are defined as the terms that contain the same variable which is raised to the same power. In algebraic like terms, only the numerical coefficients can vary. We can combine the like terms to simplify the algebraic expressions so that the result of the expression can be obtained very easily.

For example, 4x + 10x is an algebraic like term,other examples=2x+19x,4w-10w,etc

An algebraic term, which does not have the same literal coefficients, and cannot be raised to the same power is called, unlike terms. For example, 4x+9y is an algebraic unlike term. Because it contains two different variables x and y, and it cannot be raised to the same power.examples=2x+19a,8y+5


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