what as a narrator can i write an article on love faith trust from the lesson two gentlemen of verona?

 yaar mujhe khud nahi aa raha :P

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 hey mujhe bhi help karo is topic me

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ome pointers have been provided for your reference.

  • The narrator’s initial impression of the two boys.
  • Their willingness to do any kind of job.
  • Their behaviour and innocence.
  • The maturity they display.
  • Their usefulness to the narrator
  • The reason behind their hard work
  • War had not destroyed their spirit but filled them with a new energy
  • They set to build what was left after the war
  • Love for their sister.
  • Their regular weekly visits to meet their sister.
  • Their making sure that they regularly pay for her treatment.
  • Their dedication, sacrifice, selflessness.
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