what brings a ray of hope in 'gloomy days'? in "a thing of beauty" poem

A thing of beauty since it is not transient and brings eternal unbound joy and peace and since humans have a natural tendency towards joy and longetivity..it lifts their dampened spirits and cleanses their soul from all the impurities:wrongdoings.
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In the poem ' A Thing Of Beauty' the poet elucidates how there is a persistent gloom and depression in everybody's lives . But it is the Mother nature and the plethora of beautiful , extravagant things that it offers us with , to look at t, and admire hat helps us stay optimistic and hopeful of a beautiful day ahead. The several things like the sun , the moon, the birds, the daffodils , among a hoard of other things help us to shirk off the glumness from inside of us and look forward towards the life we have been bestowed with .
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