What caused a change in Franz's attitude towards school and learning? What understanding does he give about children's learning?

Please provide the answer to this question urgently with reference to the chapter The Last Lesson. Answer this ques as a long answer question.

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The story marks the introspective journey of Franz who from a recalcitrant boy develops into a thoughtful boy, we see his mind evolve and grow to accept things which would be beyond the comprehension of a child. Initially, Franz was tempted to run away and spend the day out of doors because it was very warm and bright outside. The birds were chirping at the edge of the woods and in the open field on the back of the sawmill, the Prussian soldiers were drilling. All these were more tempting than the rule for participles but he overcame them to hurry off to school. Franz used to think that M Hamel was cranky but then with the thought of his last French lesson,he began to realize what this loss truly meant. His books that had seemed such a nuisance a while ago, the grammar, the history of the saints, all these felt like old friends whom he couldn't give up. The thought that M Hamel was going away and that he should never see him again made him forget all about his ruler and strict behaviour. As he opened a grammar and read them their lesson, he was amazed at how well he understood everything. It all seemed very easy and he listened to his teacher with rapt attention, realizing the worth and quiet dedication of this man. Franz's love for his mother tongue becomes apparent when he wonders if the pigeons too would be forced to sing in German. It gradually begins to dawn on his that what he took for granted, his language, is an integral part of his identity and he loved it without being aware of it as it was so intricately part of his life. It was a language in which he understood and comprehended life,things became easy for him the minute he paid attention and he never had to think of acquiring a language. It was his access to education in life and now he realizes that this right of his was being taken away through political enslavement.


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