What chemical reaction occurs during anaerobic respiration in yeast?

This is the equation with the reaction during anaerobic respiration in yeast:-
  • Glucose (without using oxygen) ------------ Alcohol + Carbon dioxide + Energy.
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C6H12O6 —— 2C2H5OH + 2CO2
glucose -- ethanol + carbon dioxide
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glucose is broken down and lactic acid and co2is released
which is used to make wine

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the process of anaerobic respiration in yeast is:

the glucose is broken down to form energy which is taken by the organism. Ethyl Alcohol or Alcohol, Carbon Dioxide and Water are also formed. Yeast are used to produce wine and beer as they produce Ethyl Alcohol which is used in wines and beers.
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glucose [without use of oxygen] =alcohol/lactic acid + carbon dioxide + energy
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reaction of anaerobic resperation
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c6h12o6 gives 
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They live without oxygen. In their cells, glucose is broken into alcohol and carbon dioxide without using oxygen, to give energy. This process is called respiration.
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Glucose(without use of oxygen ) =Alcohol /lactic acid + carbon di oxide +energy.
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What chemical reaction occurs during anaerobic respiration in yeast
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co2 + alcohol+some amount of energy
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C6H12O6+Enzymes-->CO2+Lactic acid
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