what conditions make life possible on earth ???

  • prescence of water
  • prescence of oxygen and carbon dioxide on sufficient amounts
  • temperature diffrence between day and night is not extreme
  • earth is located at a suitable distance away from the sun
  • earth has an atmospherere having ozone layer to protect from UV rays
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The presence of water, oxygen (the important components for the living beings to survive)and the ozone layer (protecting living beings from the harmful radiations of the sun) are the main conditions supporting life. Also, appropriate distance from sun, atmosphere(consisting CO2 and other gases) which help in maintaining correct temperature and enough gravity(not too much as on jupiter and not toless as on moon) are other important factors.

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air water shelter

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The Atmosphere

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Conditions that make life possible on earth are -

1) Presence of oxygen and suitable atmosphere.

2) Presence of water.

3) Presence of a blanket of ozone which protects the earth from harmful radiations.

4) Suitable temperature for life to sustain due to correct distance of earth from the Sun.

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oxygen drinkable water, land , fertail soil atmosphere and moderate climate are the ones that make our special.

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Reason one: Atmosphere Earth has a breathable atmosphere. Oxygen is the gas that is required for the life of most creatures. This is present in Earth's atmosphere, along with nitrogen, and in water, along with hydrogen. Oxygen is constantly put into the atmosphere by plants and trees. Fortunately, Earth's atmosphere does not contain much carbon dioxide, a poisonous gas which makes up most of the atmosphere of planets like Venus and Mars. In densely-populated areas, carbon dioxide is more present. This is because cars and factories produce it. This causes the air to be polluted. The Earth's atmosphere is kept on the planet by its pull of gravity. Mars and Mercury are too small to keep very thin, containing gases which have not managed to escape into space yet. Earth's atmosphere is thick enough to prevent poisonous rays of radiation from getting through it (this is what has happened on Mars).

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Moderate temperature, sweetable atmosphere and presence of water and oxygen
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The just and appropriate amount of heat, light, gravity, atmosphere, oxygen and water, all factors combine together to be able to sustain life on earth.
Hope this answer will help.
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