What dfc food chain connected with gfc in natural food chain

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In detritus food chain, the first trophic level is the dead and decaying organic matter and they primarily derive their nutrition from dead organisms
Primary consumers form the next trophic level,they are 'detritivores' including protozoans, bacteria, fungi, etc which feed upon the detritus.
Detritus→ Bacteria/ Fungi (Detrivores) → plants (consume nutrients release by detrivores in soil) → Herbivore → Carnivore
The grazing food chain, the primary energy source of energy is sun and it includes the producers i.e green plants at first trophic level which is further consumed by primary consumers i.e herbivores. These herbivores form the next trophic level. This chain is comparatively smaller than detritus food chain.

Plants → Deer → Lion/Tiger

Thus, how these are related.

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DFC refers to "detritus food chain" and GFC stands for "grazing food chain". They're interlinked as the DFC are the prey to the GFC.
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The DFC stands for detritus food chain and GFC stands for grazing food chain. DFC and GFC maybe interconnected at some levels: as some of the organisms of DFC are prey to the GFC animals .
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