what did a man suggest kisa gautami as a cure to her problem ?

When Kisa Gotami's son died, she carried him to all the neighbors, asking for any medicine that could cure him. People started calling her crazy and going insane in her grief of losing her son. This is when a man suggested that he knew a physician who had a cure. And the name he suggested was that of Salyamuni, the Buddha.

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When Kisa Gotami asked Buddha to alive her child He asked her to collect a handful of mustered oil but condition was applid that it must be taken from a family where no one has died. Kisa went door to door and asked for mustered but when the condition knew everyone rejected her .At last she did not find a single one family  where no one would die. When sun was setting and the city was lighting she understood the mystry of life and death. In this way Budha cured her problem.

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 lol *to alive her child* 
it should be to make her child alive

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