what did it meant when Mandela said "a Twilight existence of secrecy and rebellion"..??

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Mandela believed that a man had two obligations, one towards his family and the other towards his country.  He said that in South Africa, a man who tried to fulfill his obligation towards his country was forced to spend his life in prison away from his family. It was then that his life was refereed to be of twilight existence where he would not even know whether it was day or night. It was a life in isolation and secrecy. Thus, Mandela referred to life in prison as 'a twilight existence of secrecy and rebellion'.

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Mandela said that a man has two obligations . First towards his family and second towards his community. He mentions that a person who tries to fulfil his duties is treated as a person who commits crime. The phrase "a twilight existence of secrecy and rebellion" is an indication of the author towards 'prison'. Hence, a person who tries to fulfil his duties is kept in prison for years. He is kept somewhere very far where you won't be able to know it is day or night and you will be forced to live your life in extreme secrecy ; away from everyone!

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