What did Santosh Yadav have to overcome to become a role model for India ? How was she showed against her bullies to rise for the top

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Santosh Yadav's urge for more education made her leave home and get herself enrolled in a school in Delhi. She saved money and enrolled in a course at Uttarkashi’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. She began living life on her own terms from the start. From the very beginning she was quite determined that if she chose a correct and a rational path, the others around her would have to change. She politely informed her parents of her plans to earn money by working part time to pay her school fees.  Santosh went on an expedition every year. She displayed an amazing mental toughness and climbed heights, both literally and metaphorically. In 1992, she scaled the Mount Everest to become the youngest woman in the world to do so. She was honoured with the Padma Shri award by the Indian government in recognition of her achievements.


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