what did scientist do when he became Furious? Why did people in the bar horrified? What happened to the constable

The book - Footprints without feet
Author - H.G. Wells
Chapter - Footprints without feet

Dear Student.

​​​​​​The landlord and his wife were surprised to see a haunting incident in Griffin's room. It was wide open with no one inside and Griffin's bedclothes and other usual clothes and bandages were lying there. Suddenly, Mrs. Hall heard a whisper in her ear and a hat flashed onto her face. Then the chair sprang in the air and charged at them that pushed and locked the door behind them. Both the landlord and his wife became nervous and hysterical and Mrs. Hall believed the room to be haunted by ghosts and suspected Griffin behind all the mess. 

Mr. Jaffers, who was the village constable, was informed about Griffin. He arrived at the inn to arrest Griffin. However, he was quite surprised to find that he had to arrest a man without a head. He ran to get hold of Griffin who started throwing his clothes one by one and became invisible in a few minutes. He struggled a lot to arrest Griffin but he was unsuccessful. Those who came to Jaffers' help were hit by blows that came from nowhere. Jaffers was also knocked down unconscious. Griffin became free and no one knew where to lay hands on him.

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