What do u mean by seed bed preparation????????

Dear Student,

The proper seed bed preparation means preparing land for sowing of seeds.
It plays a very important role in obtaining good and high yield of any crop.
Seed bed preparation includes-tilling, removal of waste debris and addition of manure / fertilizers. In ploughing or tilling , the soil is turns upside down which loosen it. The loosened soil helps in the growth of earthworms  and microbes present in the soil. These organisms are friends of the farmer since they further turn and loosen the soil and add  humus to it. After tilling, the undesired plants like weeds are removed from the soil with the help of tools like hoe. After the removal of weeds, the required manure's/ fertilizers are added to the field as per the requirement of crop. At last seeds are sown in the field .
But, farmers should  first,check the quality of seeds whether they are viable or not. If they are viable then,  during the most favorable conditions ,  seeds should be sown in the  prepared field.


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