What do u mean by substance feebly attracted by magnet and feebly repelled by magnet

Feebly simply mean "not strongly". 
Paramagnetic substances are those which get weakly/feebly magnetised when placed in an external magnetic field. They have tendency to move from a region of weak magnetic field to strong magnetic field, i.e., they get weakly attracted to a magnet.
The individual atoms (or ions or molecules) of a paramagnetic material possess a permanent magnetic dipole moment of their own. On account of the ceaseless random thermal motion of the atoms, no net magnetisation is seen. In the presence of an external field B0 , which is strong enough, and at low temperatures, the individual atomic dipole moment can be made to align and point in the same direction as B0 .

The given diagram shows a bar of paramagnetic material placed in an external field.

The field lines gets concentrated inside the material, and the field inside is enhanced.

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