What do you mean by standardisation?what agencies government have incorporated to improve the standard of commodities

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Standardisation is the process of developing minimum quality, technical standard of a product.
It involves identifying a minimum benchmark to be attained by a product. It involves consensus and agreements among all those who are involved in the organisation with the government. It involves certain parameters of quality, repair, safety etc which a product has to adhere to.

 The agencies are:

a. The certificates like ISI, Agmark, and Hallmark help the consumers get assured of quality and ensures standardisation while purchasing  any goods  and services.
b. The organisations that monitor and  issue these certificates develop quality standards for  many products. 
c. There are agencies identified by Government of India.
d. For example Bureau of Indian standards working under Ministry of Consumer Affairs is the national body of standardisation providing such certificates.
e.Agmark is given for agricultural products.
f. Food process order issued by Ministry of Food processing
g. Indian organic certification issued by 
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority for organic food.
Getting logos or these standardised certificates help the producers to enhance the credibility of the products and expand their sales.



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standardisation is the process of implementing and developing technical standard based on the consensus of different parties that includes firm users ,interest groups,standard organisations and governments.
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