what do you mean by term environment mention its imp. function?

Environment refers to all the surroundings which have an impact on  human lives. It is the sum total of the surroundings and resources that effect our existence and quality of life. It includes all the biotic factors ( i.e. living creatures like plants, animals, forests, etc.) and abiotic factor (i.e. non-living things like air, water, land, etc.) that impact our existence and quality of life. 

Functions of Environment

The following are the four important functions of environment.


1. Offer Production Resources: Environment provides us with wide tangible resources like minerals, water and soil. These resources act as an input for converting natural resources into productive and useful things. 

2. Sustains Life: Environment provides us with vital ingredients like sun, soil, water and air that are necessary for the survival of life. 

3.  Assimilates Waste: The activities of production and consumption generate waste.  These wastes in the form of garbage is absorbed by the environment automatically.

4. Enhances Quality of Life: Environment includes surroundings such as rivers, oceans, mountains and deserts. It provides scenic beauty that man admires in life and adds to the quality of human life. 


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