What does Miss Mason think of Wanda‟s drawings ? What do the children think of them ?

plz answr dis question in abt 60-80 words

Miss mason appreciated the paintings of Wanda. She was impressed at the creativity of the girl because she had painted hundred paintings which were in wide range of variety and worthy of winning a medal.The children also admired the drawings. Everybody stopped and whistled or murmured admiringly. After Miss Mason had announced that Wanda was the winner, they burst into applause, and even the boys were glad to have a chance to stamp on the floor and whistle. Also, just as Peggy and Maddie entered the room, they stopped short and gasped. Later they recognized the designs as those which Wanda had described to them. And in the end, Peggy exclaimed, “…and I thought I could draw.” This shows that she also realized how good Wanda’s drawings were.
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