What does poet want to convey through ball poem

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In the poem 'The Ball Poem', the poet John Berryman talks about the affinity that the little boy has for the ball he has just been playing with. To him, the ball is a priced possession that he held close to his heart. However, now his ball lies in the water and the loss has triggered fear, pain and grief within him. To the world outside, it is one of the many balls that he is to possess and he can buy more. But to the young boy, it is 'the ball' that was dear to him. Thus, the poet advise the boy that in life, he is to face many losses and he ought to withstand these losses. He should not lose heart but be hopeful that something better will come his way. With the loss of this ball, he is learning the lesson of responsibility. Thus, the poem is a message to the young heart, not to be discouraged but to face the days ahead with courage and determination.

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