what does the following underlined line mean in the poem ' fire and ice ' ,

Some say the world will end in fire,Some say in ice.From what I've tasted of desireI hold with those who favor fire.But if it had to perish twice,I think I know enough of hateTo say that for destruction iceIs also great And would suffice.

The poem "Fire and Ice", by Robert Frost is a depiction of the manner in which the end of the Earth would come. It would either be destroyed by fire, i.e. human lust and greed or by ice; representing hatred. According to the poet, irrespective of the method of destruction, the end of the Earth is inevitable. If the Earth escapes being engulfed by human greed, it is bound to be destroyed by hatred. The line "And would suffice" means that if the Earth freezes that too is sufficient to bring about the end of the Earth and all living creatures on it. Thus, whichever be the method of destruction, the end result is same and that is the end of life as we know.

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