what does the term mutualistic nutrition means explain with the help of examples

The  kind of nutrition in which two organisms help eachother to remain healthy. Eg: remora fish & shark. the remora clings to the shark and eats the parasites off it & the shark helps by taking the remora wherever it goes & as the other fishes are afraid of it the remora becomes quite safe.

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Mutualistic Nutrition' is a form of symbiotic nutrition found among various organisms having a close association between two organisms to enable each species to derive its own nutrition, there by each contributing to and benefiting from the relationship. The cow (a ruminant) and its anaerobic colonies of rumen organisms, which helps in digestion of cellulose, provides useful nutrition to both parties, is an example of mutualistic nutrition. The nitrogen-fixing bacterium Rhizobium and flowering plants of the family Papilionaceae also display 'mutualistic nutrition' too.

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