What does 'turn out' figure indicate?
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Dear Student,

Turn out figures indicate the level and percentage of political participation of the people during elections. It indicates % of people who have actually casted their vote.

The following points will give you an understanding:

a. There has been substantial increase in the number of voters. For example, In 1996, elections it was 58%, in 1998, 62.2%, in 1999, elections 58.3% and in the elections held in 2004 it had gone upto 57%. In 2009 it was 59.7%.

b. Large section of poor, illiterate people vote in large proportion and take active interests in the political affairs of the country.

c.Popular participation determines that common people in India have certainly given importance to elections. Increasing percentage of voter turn out determines that people today are politically alert  and vigilant and feel that by means of elections they can bring about a positive change.

d. Large section of Indian people are involved in political parties and are in the campaigning process. â€‹Voter turn out is indicative of popular participation.


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