what factors have contributed to the making of our constitution

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What factors have contributed to the making of the Indian Constitution?

1. Each Province and each Indian State or group of States were allotted the total no. of eats proportional to their respective population roughly in the ratio of 1:1000000. As a result The Provinces were to elect 292 members while the Indian States were allotted a minimum of 93 seats.
2. The seats in each Province were distributed among the three main communities, Muslims, Sikh and general, in proportion to their respective populations.
3. Members of each community in the Provisional Legislative Assembly elected their own representatives by the method of proportional representations with single transferable vote.
4. The method of selection in the case of representatives of Indian States was to be determined by consultation.
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1.Our constitution members allready know the basic needs and nature of our country.

2.Being under the british we allready know the working of the political institutes.

3.In 1928,Motilal neheru and 8 other congeres members had allready drafted a constitution for our nation

4.In 1931,in the karachi session of indian national congress our leaders had allready disided how the constitution of indipendent india should look like.

5.we allready had the best examples of constitution of countries like - Ireland,U.S.A and Britain.

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