what happen if decomposer are destroyed from forest

Then if any animal will die in the forest......there will be thing to decompose the matter of the animal matter means musles skin...and decomposers change decomposed matter into nutrients and give them to soil .....and if there will be no decomposers the fertility will also reduce
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thoda chote me milega
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If the decomposers are destroyed from forests, the nutrients from dead animals will not get decomposed into the soil and the interdependence in the forest will be affected.
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wastes would start piling in forests and ecosystem would be disturbed
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the dead bodies won't get decompose as there would be no break down of organic matter.
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If decomposers wouldn't be there, there will be no decaying of dead animals, plants and other bodies, which will eventually lead to decline in fertility of soil which further will cause the land to become barren land and then it will lead to soil erosion, desertification, water run off, reduce in area under cultivation or forest cover, increasing global warming. And so on
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Each and every organism has a role or niche in the ecosystem. Decomposers  are the organisms which break down the dead and decaying organic matter to form inorganic molecules and compounds.  If the decomposers weren't present the dead and decaying matter won't decompose and there will not be any humus formed. The soil layer will hence turn to be infertile. Therefore, there will be an ecological imbalance.
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