what happen when dilute sulphuric acid is poured on zinc granules.

a) name the gas evovled. how would you test it?

b) write a general reaction between metal and dil acid?

when dilute sulphuric acid reacts with zinc granules they form zincsulphate and hydrogen.

a. hydrogen is evolved and can be tested by keeping a burning matchstick near the test tube you will hear a pop sound .this show that it is hydrogen as it does not support burning

b. metal + acid = salt + hydrogen

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 a. hydrogen coz H2SO4 + Zn= ZnSO4+ H2

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Since zinc is more reactive than hydrogen, it displaces hydrogen from sulphuric acid with the evolution of hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas burns with a pop sound when a burnt match stick is brought near it.


The general reaction between metal and acid can be shown as:

2M  +   2HX   → 2MX  +   H2

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