What happened on 17th August when the ghost made another attempt to frighten the Otis family?

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On the 17th of August, the ghost made lengthy preparations to frighten the entire family. However, when he went towards Washington’s room, he let out a wail of terror. Right In front of him stood a horrible ghostlike figure. It had a bald and burnished head and its face was round and fat, and white; and it looked as though it was laughing. Red light emanated from the eyes and the mouth produced fire. There was a sign hanging from its chest, but the ghost did not bother to read this as he was too frightened, and fled.

After a while, the ghost picked up the courage to go talk to the ghostly figure, and realised he had been tricked. The ghostly figure was in fact an inanimate figure that the twins had built, in order to frighten the ghost. The sign on the figure said that 'this was the Otis ghost, the one and only original ghost and that all other ghosts were a fake. Feeling humiliated, the ghost returned to his room and plotted his revenge against the family. 


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