what happens if we write incorrect roll no. in the cbse answer sheet?

no marks
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youre dead
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marks will be given to your written incorrect roll number. Like your roll number is suppose be - 1106250 and you have written it 1106251. Then marks will be added to person of 1106251. There will be a confusion too for Boards as they might surprise to know one person having 2 marks. Simply, you will get no marks or they will try to manage...
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u didnt write or did u write wrong??
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try to inform ur school teachers immediately!! if u have done this mistake!!
school teachers will be the best helper!!
may be they will try to contact cbse board for help!!
don't take tension
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actually i wrote serial number correctly but dont remember whether it is correct in words.
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If this will happens then the marks will not added to your report card
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i wrote my roll no. correctly in CBSE exam 2018 but now i thought i wrote wrong how can i know that whether i wrote correctly or wrong
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