what happens when all green plants disappear from earth?

Although it is a hypothetical situation. If all the green plants will disappear from earth then it will cause a decrease in the concentration of the oxygen to such a low level that it would not be sufficient for all the living organisms for breathing. Thus, it will result in their death.

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Then all animals that feed on plants, herbivores, would disappear. After which all animals that feed on the herbivores, carnivores and omnivores would disappear. Basically most of life on earth would go extinct, only bacteria and other simple organisms would survive. Also us humans wouldn't be able to stay healthy if there isn't enought plants to feed on(vegtables). Also plants provide us with oxygen, which is very important for respiration. without oxygen how would the organisms respire?

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life will become impossible on the earth as other planets

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no oxygen and thus no life.

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no oxygen and thus no life.

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