what happens when egg is not fertilized

It will be ejected along with the rest of the menstrual flow....... ....... ...... .... .... ..... ... .... . ..... ... .... When an egg released in ovulation is not fertilized, a woman's body then expels the unused egg by shedding a layer of the uterus. ,....


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When the egg is not fertilised, the soft,thick bed made by uterus( which contain blood capillaries and blood vessels) for the implantation of the Zygote  breaks in the form of vaginal bleeding, through which the degenerated egg also comes out.This is known as Mensuration. It is commonly refferd to as Periods

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1) matured woman releases one egg per month.
2)when egg is not fertilised; this unfertilised egg along with blood and mucous from a flow which leaves the uterus.
3) this is called mensuration which lasts from three to five days.
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no zygote forms then thick and soft inner lining of uterus is no longer needed hence it breaks down in form of vaginal bleeding known as menstruation
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When egg is not fertilized it degenerates and converted into yellow body called carpus lutelum with the increase in level of progesterone and decrease in level of estrogens hormone the yellow body along with vaginal bleeding comes out this is called mensuration.
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When egg is not fertilized , the thick lining of the uterus break and comes out through the vagina as blood and mucous .
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They wont become pregnant
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When egg is not fertilised it breaks the thick lining of uterus and comes out with blood through vagina
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when the egg is not fertilize during that time the it break down and began to flow through mensuration and leaves the utreus
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menstrul cycle begins
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Ovulation occurs once in every month in a human female.

The uterus starts preparing itself to receive the fertilized egg. It becomes thick, muscular and rich in blood and tissues.

If the egg is not fertilized then the thick lining of uterus breaks down . The blood, tissues along with the non fertilized egg comes out as menstruation through vagina.
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Ans.When egg is not fertilized,the thick,spongy linning of Uterus breaks down and the unfertilized egg/ovum comes out with bleeding,this is also the cause of menstrual cycle.
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Baby will not formed
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