What happens when there is excessive production of adrenalin ?

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Over production of adrenaline can cause nervousness, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, extreme mood swings and bouts of aggression and many other symptoms of hypoglycemia.
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 I saw in a movie a woman murdered another by keeping adrenalin in place of her daily injection of some medicine. How is it possible ? If a person can die when adrenalin hormone is injected, then why don't everyone die when they face stress. ?

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our body needs salt

when we eat salt it gets digested in adrenal gland whch produces adrenalin

but when body will receive extra adrenalin it wl digest all the salts and salt bkums zero n person dies

same is the case wid sugar

the hormone which digests sugar is insulin produced by pancreas

when xtra insulin is given it can make d sugar  level 0 and person dies at d spot

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