What has more lattice energy amongst
BaO and SrO
Please explain..

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Here the charge on metal and the anion are same, so the deciding factor for lattice energy will be the size of cation.
Now, smaller the size of cation, smaller is the internuclear distance between the cation and anion and hence greater is the force of attraction between the two ions and consequently greater is the magnitude of lattice energy.
Sr2+ and Ba2+ both belongs to group 2 element and Sr2+ lies above Ba2+. As we go down the group, size of metal increases,therefore Ba2+ is larger in size than Sr2+.
Therefore, SrO will have higher lattice energy than BaO.

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Lattice enthalpy order amongst BaO and SrO -- SrO > BaO 
As the intermolecular distance goes up lattice enthalpy goes down..So we can say intermolecular distance is inversely proportional to lattice enthalpy.
Atomic no. of Sr is 38 and dat of Ba is 56 so Intermolecular distance in Ba will be more.
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