What ia the difference between water vascular system and canal system?

Canal system: The body of sponges is organised in such a manner as to form a complex system of pores and canals. this system is called canal system. There are 3 types of canal system:
a) Ascon type canal system
b) Sycon type canal system
c) Leucon type canal system.
Functioms of canal system:
Food gathering, Removal of waste, Respiratory exchange, Transfer of sperms

Water vascular system: Different types of canals together form the water vascular system.
It consist of madreporite, stone canal, ring canal, radial canal and tube feet.
This system is called water vascular system because this system acts like the circulatory system of body maintaining the continuous flow of water in and out of the body.

Functions of water vascular system:
Locomotion, Respiration, Capture and transport of food.
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