What ideology does the poem propound?

The ideology propounded by the poem is that of feminism. It pieces together the narrative of a woman's life and mind stifled through marriage and the restrictive presence of her husband. 'Aunt Jennifer's Tigers' is a poem which concerns the loss of a woman's independence and identity due to her marriage and the role that she must constantly play as a wife which stifles her mental freedom. It deals with a woman who is trapped in an oppressive marriage, her situation seems inescapable such that she takes to creating the tigers in the poem which are symbolic of her wish for a free rein to her womanhood, independent of her role as her husband's wife. The bold images of the tigers are contrasted with the timidity of the woman, they are fearless and assertive, unlike their creator who leads an ordered and conventional life under the shadow of her husband.​ The tigers are a form of feministic resistance, the woman's mind defying the man's physical control imposed on the woman's identity.

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