what impression do you get of the narrator from we are not afraid to die if we all can be together on the basis of the story?

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Endurance, perseverance and the importance of keeping one's composure even in the face of extreme danger are the most important elements of the narrator. Then the narrator's single-minded determination with which he steers them to safety is a remarkable lesson in perseverance. He did not deter from his task and ultimately brought his family to safety. It also shows commitment to a cause and devoted execution of one's duties.


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Narrator’s son, Jonathan called his father ‘the best daddy and the best captain in the whole world’. The narrator indeed deserved this praise. He proved as a great captain and father during the challenging and trying times after the irreparable damage done to Wavewalker by keeping his composure and wits. It won’t be wrong to say that the all lives on the boat could be saved just because of his seafaring skills. He was really a great captain whose timely decisions helped them survive through the stormy ordeal. It was such a wise decision on his part to hire two professionals, Larry Vigil and Herb Seigler, to help them tackle the Southern Indian Ocean. They proved to be real saviours when the ship had been flooded with the sea water. They pumped like madmen to keep the water levels reasonably low. The most amazing reaction was that of the kids. They showed such a courage during those hard times as is rare to be seen of children of that age. This courage of the kids motivated the author to figure out survival strategies for the entire crew. And ultimately, the narrator did such complex calculations and set the course accordingly as helped them reach Ile Amsterdam, a French scientific base.

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