What interference do you extract from the title:'On the face of it' ? Comment on the inherent message highlighted clout the physically disabled.


The play On The Face of It is about two people who were physically deformed. Mr Lamb had his real leg blown off years back and Derry's face was deformed due to a freak accident involving acids. Though both were physically challenged, they had a completely different attitude towards life. Mr Lamb was extremely positive and optimistic while Derry, a boy of fourteen, was pessimistic and nurtured negative views about the world and people in general. He was under confident about his looks. But Mr Lamb made him realise that the real person within the deformed body was what mattered. He gave the example of the Beauty and the Beast. The title of the play means that a person might not be what he seems to be. What matters is the real nature of the person and his attitude towards life and how he values himself. Therefore, the title is suitably chosen by the author.

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