What inyour mind is the most effective agent of socialisation for yourgeneration? How do you think it was different before?

Note:Any answer supported with argument or explanation would solve thepurpose.

Onesample answer has been provided to you:

Incontemporary time, the mass media has emerged as a strong agent ofsocialisation. Earlier, family and the peer group was the socialisingagent in an individual’s life. However, now, due to penetrationof information technology into the house, people spend more time infront of computers and television sets, than being with theirfamilies and friends.

Childrenhave started adopting new ways from what they watch on televisions.For instance, they choose their own career and lead a self-chosenlifestyle. They stay connected with their friends through internetand they even depend on the internet for their studies. Hence, theirdependence on visual media is much more than that of print media.

Not onlychildren, but even women, men and old age people are getting affectedby mass media. Magazines, newspapers, radio, advertisements, etc.provide information on various aspects such as health, decoration,eating habits etc. Mass media has therefore spread itself in everysphere of our lives.

It gives ashape to our personality and ideas at every stage of life. It hadits influence on the society earlier as well but this influence waslittle.

Thus, itis a boon for our society, as mass media has connected the world withone touch. For instance, on internet, information is available withjust one click and with a touch one can view everything ontelevision. Mass media has affected the society and also promotedglobalisation. It has decreased the distance between different partsof the world.

Lifebefore introduction of mass media was very different as people hadvery little information of the rest of the world. There was notelevision, radio, newspaper or internet. People in earlier days hadto make a lot of effort to gather information and also to spread it.

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