What is a besemer converter

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The Bessemer converter is a machine / converter which is  used for the removal of impurities from pig iron (a type of iron with a high carbon content) and its conversion into steel . It is a large pear-shaped container in which molten iron is converted to steel by the Bessemer process. The Bessemer converter is wide at bottom and narrow at top  It is mounted on two horizontal trunnions so that it can be tilted or rotated at suitable angle. The tuyeres are provided at the bottom to allow passage of air from the air duct to the pig –iron.

In the Bessemer process, air is blown through molten (liquefied by heat) metal because the oxygen combines chemically with carbon and other impurities (manganese and silicon) and burns them out of the molten metal. Then the purified molten metal can be poured into moulds and used in different shapes.


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