what is a clinical thermometer?

What are its features and functions?

A thermometer used to measure body temperature, especially a small glass thermometer designed with a narrowing above the bulb so that the mercury column stays in position when the instrument is removed from the body.

This type of thermometer was made with mercury, but this element is rarely seen in clinical use in modern times. The problem with a mercury thermometer is that the device can break, spilling mercury and posing a risk of human or animal health. Such thermometers can also be difficult to use, as they need to be held in place for several minutes, and they need to be swung to reset, as the thermometer is designed to hold the mercury in place once a maximum temperature has been reached so that the device can be taken out for an accurate reading.

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 a clinical thermometer is also called a doctor's thermometer. this is the thermometer used to measure our body temperature. its functions are:

  1. it has a kink (A bend) in its stem (the long tube in which the fluid id present). the kink helps to maintain the temperature. it means that the temperature will not change immediately when oyu will take it out of ur mouth.
  2. it has the range from 35`C to 42`C (i don't know in farehneits)


sorry, but this is all i can tell you

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