what is a consonant sound means?

A consonant sound is the sound that is produced while pronouncing a consonant. It is the clear, fluent and expressive sound which comes out while pronouncing consonants. It happens with the complete or partial closure of the vocal chord. This sound is in contrast with vowel sounds.

There are 44 sounds (19 + 25) that make up the sounds of our English language. 19 of the sounds we refer to as vowel sounds (because they use the vowels a, e, i, o, u or make the sounds of our vowels). The rest 25 are consonant sounds.

For instance,

b produces the sound [b] baby, best, buy, bring, blind, absent

c produces the sound [s] here as cellar, cinema, notice, etc.

while it produces the sound [k] as in cake, close, act, etc.

d produces the sound [d] as seen in words like day, dear,etc.

f produces the sound of [f] instances of which are fry, flight, often, deaf, etc

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