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a) Distillation

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DISTILLATION- It is the action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating or cooling.
eg- distillation of salt water.
CHLORINATION- It is the addition or substitution of chlorine or chlorine compound to disinfect water or in organic compounds.
eg- people add chlorine to the swimming pool to make it clean, it is known as chlorination.
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Distillation : Action of purifying a liquid by the process of heating and cooling. Chlorination : Adding chlorine to water for making the water pure .

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Distillation is the process through which water is purified through evaporation. Clorination is the process in which we add small amount of chlorine in order to kill the germs present in it.Distilled water is used in laboratory.There will be no minerals present in distilled water so distilled water is not used for drinking.
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