What is a Pacemaker and how does it work? Also, explain what is SAN and AVN along with their function .....in simple words

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A pacemaker is a small device placed inside the chest to control abnormal beats of the heart. This device passes some electrical impulses that convert abnormal heartbeat into normal condition. It works according to necessity like speeds up a slow heartbeat or reduces the speed of too fast beats. It also makes sure that the auricles and ventricles must contract normally.   

Sinoatrial node (SAN): Present at the upper right corner of the right atrium

Atrioventricular node (AVN): Present at the lower-left corner of the right atrium

Significance: SAN and AVN are auto-excitable, generates and maintains action potential to sustain the rhythmic contraction activity of the heart.  The sino-atrial node (SAN) is also called as Pacemaker of the heart.

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