what is a pronoun give examples any teachers are their here

A pronoun is often defined as a word which is used in place of a noun.  For example, instead of saying ,  "Rina" is a student" the pronoun "She" can be used in place of the noun Rina and the sentence becomes "She is a student" .  We use pronouns very often, especially so that we do not have to keep on repeating a noun. 
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The word used in place of noun is known as pronoun. example: Sita is a girl. Sita studies in VIII class.Sita is 12 years old. Here instead of using "Sita" again & again we can use she. i.e Sita is a girl. She studies in VIII class. She is 12 years old

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Pronoun replaces noun . Example , He , She , It , They , ETc ..
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